The Moral Argument

In order to establish objective moral laws, which govern behaviors we all generally agree to be immoral, such as murder, stealing, and lying, we MUST have an objective source from which these objective moral standards originated. This objective source logically MUST be outside of time, space, and matter, as we understand it, so that its objective moral code applies to everyone, at all times, in all locations all around the world. In other words, if murder is immoral for us here in America, at any particular time, then murder MUST also be immoral for everyone else, in each and every other country, at any particular time. I.E. we don’t get to CHOOSE whether murder is immoral or not. We MUST defer to the objective source from which this objective moral standard originated. If it’s not God, then it MUST be something or someone else, so you have to ask yourself the question, “What is MY objective moral standard, and where did it come from?” If our moral standards are left up to each of us individually, then they obviously cease to be objective. I.E. YOU might consider murder to be immoral, but I might consider murder to be just fine, and you would have no objective, logical, reason to tell me that MY moral standard is any worse or better than your own. So where does your morality come from? Once we accept that there MUST be an objective source from which we derive our objective morals, it becomes obvious that it is in our own best interests to investigate to the extent necessary to determine what other moral objective standards we should be following, that aren’t so obvious as murder or stealing. Why is this so important? Simple. As humans, we are ALL born with some predispositions towards certain kinds of immoral behaviors, which we must identify and seriously try to avoid. If we have a child who demonstrates a predisposition toward stealing candy bars, for example, we definitely would NOT encourage that child to keep stealing, or steal even more, just because it makes them feel better when they get candy bars for free. No, to the contrary, we would discourage them and even discipline them to ensure they don’t grow up thinking that it is ok to steal. We do this BECAUSE we love them, NOT because we don’t. Same with LGBTQ behaviors. If our objective moral source gives us clear, objective moral standards prohibiting those behaviors, we would NOT encourage our children to grow up acting out those behaviors, and continuing further to go on living immoral lifestyles. Rather, we would discourage those behaviors, and encourage behaviors that live up to the moral objective standards given us by our moral objective source. Regardless of what they choose, of course, we would ALWAYS keep loving them and caring deeply for them.

Author: EliotWright

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